On a snowy day in 2003, I attended a lecture at Brown University where Chris Matthews of NBC Hardball was speaking. God knows what the theme of the talk was; at the time I didn’t even know who Chris Matthews was. But throughout the story he told recounting his career and advising us young freshmen on how to make the most of our lives, Chris repeated one phrase over and over: Get off the track. Get off the track. Get off the track.

The mantra stuck with me and nine years later, I am not only jumping ship, I am taking my partner with me. Carlos and I are moving to Australia on September 15, 2012. We are headed for Hobart, Tasmania but we have no commitments to stay on the island. We intend to give Tasmania a fair shot for up to one year as we make ourselves a home and get to know the land and neighbors. Neither he nor I have ever been to Tasmania, or Australia for that matter, so if it doesn’t feel right we’ll keep moving. And if after six months we decide San Francisco is calling us home, we will come back and start over. So though I call this 365 Tasmania, I make no promises about the length of time we are abroad or where we’ll be. I’m getting OFF the track after all; there ought to be some unknowns.

So follow us. Or don’t. We hope to share our stories and offer some insight on what it’s like to quit our comfortable Bay Area jobs, pack up our NOPA apartment (with two parking spots!!) and say “see you in a bit” to friends and family as we head Down Under.




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  1. can’t wait to hear about your adventures C + P! I really had a feeling of sadness when I gave you a hug today Paige. A happy-sadness: sad that I just got to connect with you in your final months, but happy for you and Carlos to start your new adventure! Have fun and can\’t wait to heread about your stories!

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