Carlos and I are in yet another airport, this time waiting to board our flight to LA and another to Mexico City and then one more to Oaxaca. As Ramiro, Carlos’ dad said when dropping us off, even without jobs we have a budding status as professional travelers.

Touching down in the Bay for a week was confusing. Luckily, I anticipated that and planned the visit just long enough to see friends and family but not enough time to get caught up trying to figure out what’s next in the life plan. As fun as our week has been, I am relieved to be back on the road.

Staying in San Francisco was like visiting an old lover. There is so much I love about it and many reasons why I think we are perfect for each other but my experiences in the last year have made me question our long term compatibility. I am just not positive we can make it work. These questions were a constant push pull for Carlos and me both. We have been overly emotional and sensitive because our hearts are being toyed with. I miss little things like Tasmanian milk and big things like our neighborhood. He misses good coffee and all our riding buddies. At the same time, it has been incredibly fulfilling to connect with our people and all the beauty of the Bay.

Upon arrival from Maui we hit the ground running (to San Francisco). I took my first shower in three days and went out for a long overdue girls’ night in the city with Anne and Elizabeth. That Saturday the Valles hosted a gang of us in Half Moon Bay for a BBQ. It is notoriously foggy in HMB but the sun was out for us. We spent the rest of the week in and out of SF seeing friends and old haunts. In some moments it felt like we had never left (like when Michael correctly guessed I would order the vegan sandwich from Mission Picnic after one of my favorite bike rides) and others made it seemed like we have been gone a lifetime (like when I went to a new coffee place in our old neighborhood, The Mill, and it seemed that everyone in there was programming the next new app on their iPad. Where did they all come from??).

Our visit coincided with our friend Cassie’s graduation and our main purpose for the lay-over: Michael and Heidi’s wedding. Talk about a tear jerker. Carlos and I both were water works. Something about the intimacy of such a small ceremony and the backdrop of the most beautiful city in the world made it incredibly special and emotional. Dancing away the night with our friends– people we met in SF and thus are truly representative of the community we have here– was bittersweet. The heart strings are all wrapped up like a giant knot.

The perfect ending to our time in the Bay was having brunch with my good friend Susan. She has spent heaps of time in Oaxaca and as we drilled her on what markets to go to and what Mezcal to try, I was pleasantly reminded that the journey isn’t over yet. Mexico is calling. I am putting aside any thoughts on where to live and what to do. The next three weeks are dedicated to chiles, mole, tortas and, claro, hablando espanol! Vamanos!

Cassie's Foothill Graduation

Cassie’s Foothill Graduation
Ladies night at long last

Ladies night at long last

2013-06-30 08.18.24

First time wearing nice clothes in a looong time.

2013-06-30 08.21.10

Mike walking down the “aisle” in the most beautiful city in the world.

2013-06-30 08.40.56 2013-06-30 08.49.47 2013-06-30 08.50.08 2013-06-30 08.50.23


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