I’ve written quite a bit about how it feels to be leaving Tasmania after our nine month adventure but at the moment, my brain is more consumed with how we’re going to close up our life here. I am a list girl so I thought I’d share some of the logistics. Whether you are coming or going, moving around the world does require some serious planning and organization. This isn’t a glamorous post but it will help if you’re ever thinking about what it’ll be like to move abroad.

Here’s the timeline of my To-Do List:

One month before departure:

  • Post car/bikes/miscellaneous items on Gumtree (Aussie craigslist)
  • Arrange move-out date with property manager.
  • Give notice at our jobs that we’re leaving.

Two weeks to go:

  • Gather tax documents and visit tax office (surprisingly easy compared to US. I even told the tax lady it was a pleasure to meet with her).
  • Sell my mountain bike and Carlos’ road bike (sold both to friends we ride with).
  • Apply for US health insurance (Stupid expensive).
  • Donate clothes we don’t want to Salvation Army (after nine months of wearing the same clothes, it’s easy to say goodbye).

One week left:

  • Sell car (a guy saw our car on the street and picked it up this weekend!)
  • Cancel car insurance
  • Lodge tax return
  • Apply for superannuation return (Our government 401K that we should get close to 100% back)
  • Cancel health insurance (Aussie health insurance is extremely affordable and easy to deal with. It’s a shame we can’t keep it)
  • Cancel electricity and internet
  • Exchange Australian dollars into US dollars (Huge bummer. After two years of being stronger than the US dollar, in the last month the Aussie dollar has plummeted and we’ll be losing about $550 in the exchange. Probably should have been keeping an eye on it earlier and planned to exchange when it began to fall).
  • Close bank account (Banks are a pain to deal with)
  • Ship mountain bike and miscellaneous items (we’re shipping them on the slow boat so it won’t cost an arm and a leg).
  • Get apartment carpet and linens cleaned (Because we rented a furnished flat we have to take these extra and expensive measures as part of the rental agreement).

A couple days before Take Off:

  • Throw going-away party/Carlos’ birthday party.
  • Pack up road bikes for travel.
  • Pack remaining clothes and gear.
  • Apartment inspected and bond return lodged (Hopefully we’ll get all our money back but who knows).

Phew! Less than a week to go. In many ways, it’s easier for me to deal with the logistics than confront the emotional side of what it means to be leaving this life and heading back. The other thing to focus on is our upcoming travel. From Hobart we fly to Sydney –> Honolulu –> Maui. We’re spending a week in Hawaii for some snorkeling and road biking as we aclimate back to North America. Then we fly to San Francisco on June 20 to see family and friends for about a week. We’ll be attending our friend Cassie’s graduation and Mike and Heidi’s wedding.

Our appearance in San Francisco is brief because on July 1 we are heading down to Mexico for a three week culinary, language and family tour. The first week will be spent in Oaxaca and then we’ll bus north to Mexico City, Puebla and end the trip in Guadalajara. It will be the perfect way to round out our year cooking Mexican food in Tasmania. Though this year won’t be 365 days in Tasmania, I’ll continue to write about our travels as we continue on with the year of adventure.

And then of course there is the food oriented to-do list of all the things I must consume before leaving Australia. Top of the list would be a long black...

And then of course there is the food oriented to-do list of all the things I must consume before leaving Australia. Top of the list would be a long black…

Oh how I'll miss these.

And a melting moment. Oh how I’ll miss these.


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