Working at the Bike Shop

When we first started talking about coming to Tassie and what our “dream” jobs would be here both Paige and I knew that I wanted to work in a Bike Shop again. I had emailed a few shops before we arrived just to see if any would bite. Only one replied, BIke Ride. So when we arrived I visited all the shops to announce “here I am. Give me a job.”
To my luck Bike Ride, who responded to the email several months prior, had an opening for a mechanic. Like any job it took a while to get the hang of things but once I found my place in the shop and got to know all the regulars it really felt like a tight community. It was amazing how welcoming everybody was; employees and customers make me feel like the shop is one large extended family. You must realize that the bike shop patrons are die-hard customers and they come to our shop because we know our business better than anyone. They are fanatics. So when someone new is introduced into the scene the customers don’t want to talk to you until they sussed you out and approve. I must have made the cut because every Friday after closing we sit around and drink the beers customers have given us as thank you presents.  I have had an amazing time working in the bike shop and have been lucky to be working with some of the coolest most professional bike shop employees ever. We work really hard at Bike Ride but we have a lot of fun. It has been an amazing experience watching my presence affect the others at the shop. I like to say that I have introduced the shop to “real” mexican food, healthy veggie wraps, and some Cali slang.
Shop rides were a bit sporadic before I started working at Bike Ride and needed some organization. I wanted to explore new trails so not long after arriving I got a Thursday night mountain bike ride up and running. We go every Thursday rain or shine and it’s been a great bonding opportunity. Seeing some of the riders grow into faster climbers, better descenders has been such an experience. Coaching some of the guys up the hills and trying to follow some down the trails of the mountain will be things I will never forget. Bike Ride is a great shop with an even better vibe. If you are ever in Hobart, Tasmania come visit the crew.
Some of the BIke Shop

Some of the BIke Shop

Matt and the fit area

Matt and the fit area


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