Bases Covered


Our Tasmania.

The map above is a source of pride for Carlos and me. Each flag is a spot in Tasmania where we have visited with purpose. This could mean camping, hiking, mountain bike riding, eating a meal in a cafe or enjoying a picnic. We have COVERED Tasmania. Take a look! It’s impressive, I know. Thanks to our Land Cruiser we have probably seen more of Tasmania than most Tasmanians. And we have loved it all.

Our dear friend Jason took off today and that leaves just the two of us again with less than a month remaining in Hobart. It’s time to start saying goodbyes and dealing with the next phase in this adventure. This is not going to be easy. Logistics like selling bikes and the car will keep us distracted from the reality that we are leaving this perfect Holiday Isle soon. But sometimes it hits and a swarm of butterflies fills my stomach. Last night we swung by the Lark to have a dram of whisky and say hi to some friends working there. I love rolling up to the bar on my bike and greeting four or five people who I know will be there. I love riding through Battery Point and grabbing some veggies for dinner at Salamanca . I love working out at the dog park in the morning and looking out on the water. These simple pleasures are just givens here. I hate to leave but it’s time.

There is a lot to get done over the next few weeks as we prepare for travels in Hawaii and Mexico. I’m excited and nervous. I am a little anxious and worried. I’m not sad, yet. No, I don’t know what we are going to do when we get back. I am appreciative of this amazing life we have created. Let that be enough for now.

Some shots from our last big road trip up to Derby this weekend for some riding…








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