Speed bumps

It seems like we have been going hard and fast all summer. Here’s an example of what we packed in just last week: A day of hiking Mount Field, sampling new beers at Two Meter Tall brewery, fishing at Lake Saint Claire, a roadtrip to the West Coast, BBQ with friends, several long bike rides, a trip to the botanical gardens, a big night out in town including dinner at Smolt, Lawn Bowling lessons at the Sandy Bay Bowls Club, a tour of Cascade Brewery… oh and work. That’s just our free time! Yes there are slow mornings and lazy afternoons when I putter around, listening to music, leisurely drinking tea and enjoying the luxury of my life with many many less to-dos than the one I left in San Francisco. But on a whole, Carlos and I have really maximized our time in Tasmania with activities. The Holiday Isle is full of opportunities and when we’re done here I am confident we will have left very few rocks unturned. Though it’s been a fast six months, I think we’ve officially hit a speed bump.

A couple of posts ago I wrote about looming change for Carlos and me. We still haven’t made any decisions but soon we’ll have to. For one thing, the weather turned today. I’m hoping that this first storm is more of a precursor to fall than a definitive end to summer. But whatever it is– there is major change in the air.

The wet view from my bedroom window says: Fall.

The wet view from my bedroom window says: Fall.

I’ve got my alpaca blanket, a cuppa tea and a good book. Eduardo is in town and he and Carlos are off camping (getting WET). I’m sort of relieved that the pressure of sunny days to go out and do stuff is absent now that it’s pouring down rain. I am finally able to acknowledge that there is a new feeling in my stomach that all the sunny days were able to distract me from.  I’m homesick. Carlos dealt with this a couple of months ago when I wasn’t quite there yet. But I feel it. And as he reminded me the other day when I woke up from a dream in which nearly all of my best girlfriends were in, it’d be worrisome if I didn’t miss them.

We knew when we left our lives in San Francisco that there would be tough moments. And I think I would be fooling myself (and anyone who reads this blog) if I didn’t openly admit to the difficulties of living on the other side of the world. Homesickness is definitely one of them. Working on our relationship as we deal with change and decisions is another. Finding work once our current positions end is a third big one and until we get that sorted (or not) we’re in a state of limbo. But the truth is, if it was always easy and fun, it wouldn’t make for a very good story.

Some photos from last week with Carlos’ brother Eduardo visiting …


A nature hike on Mount Field


A sunny afternoon at Lake Dobson


Geeking it out with the Aussie bush at the Hobart Botanical gardens


Oldest brewery in Australia right in our backyard


Their hats say “Dedicated Taste Testers.” This much is true.


More fishing at Lake Saint Claire. The kid is obsessed.


New favorite neighborhood spot: The Sandy Bay Bowls Club

Bike rides and beer is what we do best.

Bike rides and beer is what we do best.



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