Melbourne, Victoria

So we set off for a long weekend to do what we do best: an eating and walking exploration through the many many districts of Melbourne. Some edible highlights included incredible Pho at Lam Lam in Northcote, a latte and a long black at the serious espresso establishment Gypsy Hideout, baklava in Fitzroy, a pupusa at the Johnston Street Fiesta, a $3.50 pate banh mi in Little Saigon and hard to find whisky and bourbon at The Woods of Windsor.

A shot in front of the massive train building in central Melbourne. The city has an impressive public transportation network including trams, trains, buses and public bikes.

We took advantage of the city bike share program and rode through one of the many Melbourne parks. Ultimately we ditched the bikes and spent most of the weekend on foot because the bike program is not robust enough to take us through all the neighborhoods we wanted to reach.

True C + P travel style: walk until we are dying of thirst. Stop in at a local pub for a beer (C) and a water (P).

We stayed in the up and coming neighborhood of Northcote in the northern part of town known for its fixie bikes and skinny jeans, froufie espresso bars and vintage shops. Even here, Carlos is too hip to handle.

This area also has shops with Kombucha… for a hipster hippie taste of home.

Every weekend in Melbourne seems to have a festival. We stumbled upon the Latin Fiesta in the uber hip area of Fitzroy. Carne asada, grilled corn and horchata gave us both the warm and fuzzies.

It was warm in Melbourne and I won’t deny the lure of wearing a sun dress more often than I’ll most likely have the chance to do in Hobart. But ultimately the pull of water, mountains and lush forests was calling us back to Tasmania. To off-set the big city perks we miss out on, my totally doable project list now includes making my own Pho and kombucha and we bought a few new T’s and bangles to make us feel hip again. My morning ride along the coast with a view of Mt. Wellington beside me, stopping by the neighborhood butcher for some local lamb and sipping my coffee while looking out on the harbor are the daily treats that we enjoy in Hobart. At least for the moment, that’s exactly why we are happy to call Hobart home.


2 responses to “Melbourne, Victoria

  1. Sounds like fun! I love reading about your adventures! You really should make your own kombucha. We do, and it is so good!

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