Just Roll with It

It’s been a little tricky to keep the blog updated over the last couple of weeks because we moved and have no internet. It’s shocking how much that throws me off. At any rate, it’s not just the lack of connection that has put me in a bit of a funk this week. Our new place is in dire need of some serious decor help. If I step back and look at the big picture (we JUST got here, we aren’t staying forever, it doesn’t have to be perfect…) it’s not that bad. But on a rainy day this week I got home and was so grossed out at the bad 70s wallpaper that I crawled into bed and moped until Carlos got home and pulled me out of it.

This place is textured in the worst way. It inspires pinterest tags for 70s theme parties. It is the antithesis of my personal style.

This is our wallpaper.

Fun! Blue carpet!


Kitchen tiles

Back door


A little mood lighting

But we chose to move here so I can’t continue to pout about our misfortunate abode.   I just have to figure out how to turn a bad motel room into a charming apartment. Any suggestions?

Now onto the good. The neighborhood of Battery Point is lovely. We’re only a couple blocks from the water. And there are several excellent cafes and restaurants steps away. A grocery store and bottle shop (ie booze) is around the corner. The bike paths are our backyard. Bars, work and shopping is all right there.

Textured yes. But I have this as my bedroom view.

Last night Carlos and I rode bikes down to the water to have a ginger beer and people watch. Then after dinner we walked to get ice cream. All good things. Can’t you tell I am trying my best to look past the creepiness of our place and focus on the surroundings of our Tasmanian home? I’m working on it. After all, one of my goals for this Aussie journey is to practice the ability of just rolling with it…

Paige practicing the new “roll with it” mantra.




One response to “Just Roll with It

  1. Dear, your genetics (mother, grandmother) dictate you will NEVER be able to roll-with-it regarding bad design.
    However if the food, neighbors and biking are that good, maybe you can rise above your revulsion.

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