Devils (Part 2)

Our Visit to Bonorong continues…

Both Paige and I were surprised and delighted to see that these little guys were so active and energetic. They had just been fed chicken bones so they were amped up and walking around. They had a large space to roam around in and they had this little route they take around the space. I need to clarify one thing, they don’t walk, or run, or waddle, they prance. Yes, prance like little bitty horses. The devils were very social with each other and would grunt, huff, and puff when they wanted to communicate. Paige was able to catch the devils fight over a chicken bone.

DO NOT get in between me and my chicken bone.

Each devil had a specific personality, one of them was the mean one. As I mentioned before they are very curious and have terrible eyesight so they count on their uncanny smell to navigate around. I put my hand out there to see if I can attract one of them and the mean one comes by, starts to smell my hand then takes huge leap with a monstrous biting motion hoping he would get some Carlos finger delight. Luckily he missed but it scared the begezes out of me. We spent about an hour just observing them. They were hypnotizing really, going around in their track, stopping by to say hi and show us their cute little nose. They would snort and yawn. Cutest things ever. But at the same time you knew they could do some damage. Don’t you want one? I know Paige and I do.


One response to “Devils (Part 2)

  1. to answer the question re wanting one, YES.
    I have chihuahuas who have much less personality.

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