A goodbye to West Hobart

We are moving this weekend. Carlos and I have been in Tassie for a month already and our time is up on our comfortable pad in West Hobart. This was a great starter place– totally furnished with wifi, laundry and even some pantry staples that we certainly helped ourselves to. If you are traveling soon, I highly recommend airbnb.com as a way to stay in a true neighborhood as opposed to the downtown area where hotels traditionally lie. In our case, we found an apartment that we could rent for a month and it couldn’t have worked out better.

Our new neighborhood is called Battery Point and though the apartment itself doesn’t have the charm I usually require, its location is prime. We’ll be closer to the hub of things in Hobart including restaurants, bars and work and we won’t have to walk up “the Hill” to get home everyday. We’ll also be a block away from the water which is pretty exciting for me.

Lonely Planet readers have voted Hobart as one of the world’s most photogenic cities in the world and surely the Georgian houses are responsible for that. Dating back to the late 1700s when Tasmania was first settled by the Brits, the houses retain their original character and are for the most part in pristine condition with ornate details framing the simplistic boxed homes. The climb up to West Hobart is part of what makes the neighborhood so special because every home has an incredible view of the water and it feels secluded from the (relative) hustle and bustle of the modern CBD. The enchantment of these homes makes it easy to imagine what it was like two hundred years ago when the convicts and free-settlers arrived in Tasmania. Now you can imagine us living here too!


2 responses to “A goodbye to West Hobart

  1. Wonderful pictures! It’s my dream to visit Hobart and if there are so many old buildings still there I’ll be able to imagine my family there in the nineteenth century!
    The best of luck with your move, I hope you’re very happy in your new place!

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