Tim Tams

Oh the wonderful Tim Tam! A dessert exclusive to Australian people, and now us. To my American friends, Tim Tams are a chocolate based cookie– er, biscuit according to Aussies– like a Twix but way, way better (sorry Lou). Tim Tams come in a variety of styles. You can get a Turkish delight Tim Tam, a dark chocolate Tim Tam, caramel Tim Tams, and of course the original Tim Tam. These little morsels seem to come from heaven with a delicate texture and flavor. When you bite into one it literally dissolves in your mouth and leaves you wanting one more. Then, one more. The nice thing about Tim Tams is that they are affordable which helps since Paige and I are living the frugal lifestyle these days. As Paige would say, “just have one because they are so sweet! You only really need one.” Which is her way of saying, “don’t eat them all Carlos.”

The Tim Tam is an Australian treasure, and they treat it as such. After conversing with some Australians that have been to the States the first thing they complain is that they cannot get Tim Tams there. I guess there has been some effort in trying to export them to the States but for some reason it hasn’t worked out. Well I think it’s for the better since Americans are fat enough but since I have to walk uphill to get home, I can have my fair share of Tim Tams while in Tasmania. 



4 responses to “Tim Tams

  1. Just home from the Portland Marathon where I placed 4th in my age group. Here’s the question: Do TimToms (tams?) qualify as an electrolyte enhancer for runners? There would be a reason to export.

  2. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Tim Tam and you haven’t had a near death experience until you’ve even the whole packet in one sitting. I don’t even think I’ve done that and I love my Tim Tams.

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