We’ve had a busy week here in Tassie– working. It was a good run of free days spent lounging, exploring and decompressing from the jobs we left behind but it’s time to make some money. We set off to find work with perks that support our lifestyle…

Carlos was quickly hired at Bike Ride (a cleverly named bike shop down town) as a sales guy. That lasted about four days until the crew realized he has some mad mechanic skills from the days in SLO and they brought him upstairs to start fixing bikes. He comes home everyday with black fingernails and a smile. I’ve stopped by the shop a few times to say hi and the boys are warm and inviting. I even tagged along on a shop ride this week and was well taken care of as the only lady rider. It was like having ten Michael Seretans ride alongside me to make sure I made it up the hill and was safe crossing traffic. How gentile!

I started working this week at Lark Distillery— the whisky shop I referenced a while back.  It may surprise you that between the two of us, I landed a gig talking about whisky all day. I’ve learned a thing or two over the last four years with Carlos’ late night tasting sessions and when Bill said he needed some marketing help, I jumped at the chance. Though I have acquired a taste for smoky, peaty Islay Scotch like Laphroig and Ardbeg, I have a lot to learn about the spirit industry. For the time being, we have agreed on an arrangement of bartending a couple days a week and marketing support the other two days (weeks are only four days here). Bartending isn’t exactly my forte (shocking, I know), but Whole Foods taught me that you really can’t strategically communicate to your customers and develop relevant marketing plans unless you spend time working on the floor. So I am approaching this as a learning experience to help grow my expertise of international whisky quickly. And while I’m at it I’ll surely become proficient at frothing milk,  swapping kegs, making cosmos and yes, mopping floors.

First steps for Lark’s marketing plan is developing a loyalty club so customers can find out about new release whisky, special events and tastings. If you have any suggestions on what to call that– let me know!

By the way, Lark is the godfather of Australian whisky and currently the only Aussie whisky exported to the States. So if you are in a bottle shop and are looking for something other than Scotch, you’ll likely see Lark on the shelf. Give it a try and while you’re at it, Like Lark on FB.

Lark ages its whisky for 5-7 years in small 100 L barrels

The three whiskys produced are all single malt: 43% av, 46% av and a cask strength 58% av. You can guess which is Carlos’ favorite.


The view from the distillery– about 15 kilometers from Hobart. The barley, water and peat all come from Tasmania.


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