Hobart’s Bush Introduction

Paige and I have arrived in Hobart safely and with little to no bumps in our travels.  So far our first impression of our new home is awesome. For those who don’t know exactly what we are doing here let me fill you in.  Paige and I decided that we would take off and find a place that can give us the best food, amazing back drops to ride our bikes in, and a welcoming community so we can make new friends. For some reason that place is on the other side of the world, Hobart Tasmania. Our apartment that we were lucky to land for the first month is perfect, small but warm and has an incredible view. Since the moment we arrived we were both itching to get outside and explore our local bush (outdoors for you americans). The second day in our new spot I put both of our mountain bikes together to get ready for the adventures. Yesterday morning we went out to explore Knocklofty Reserve, which is basically our backyard, on a run to see what kind of potential it held for mountain biking.  As we started up the steep hill to get there we turn back and look at Hobart way below us. We both were huffing and puffing but were still able to take in the view.

Paige and I overlooking beautiful Hobart

The run/hike was awesome and the reserve was impeccably maintained and marked. The verdict was YES, this would be a great place to get the bike out and do a quick loop. The trail is about 5 miles but literally in our backyard. So the rumors were true about this place, great trails are accessible all over town . To describe the trail a bit it started off with a tough climb for about 2 miles, then the rest was tacky single track, even in the heavy mist/rain. There were designated frog ponds that looked liked something out of a fairy tail movie. After our run we were both very excited about the prospect of to biking that trail anytime we needed some decompression and were tight on time.

We then went out to explore the markets and get provisions for dinner, rack of lamb, white beans, leeks, carrots, and more. The lamb was local and looked beautiful, both Paige and I were excited to have a good home cooked meal with the items the area could provide for us. As Paige started on dinner I decided to take Stella (my mountain bike) out to our newly discovered trail.  It was starting to rain but I wasn’t afraid of melting 🙂

The steep climb seemed like it went on for days and of course seemed harder than when we hiked up it. Once I reached the top the mist/rain was so heavy, visibility was very poor. I stopped to catch my breath and fix my helmet. As I am preparing for the rewarding downhill to come I get goosebumps from the excitement. Then I see a figure come out of the mist, it is another mountain biker, my age. I really wasn’t looking forward to guiding anyone especially since I have never been on the trail, but I need to meet friends. So we both start the descent and he is right behind me. I keep looking back and I start getting annoyed because he has a way old bike with no suspension and he is pretty much able to stay on my wheel. Ok, no more mister nice guy. I turn it on and I start to drop him in the tight corners. We go through a set of stairs together holding on for dear life. Phew. The trail is finished and what fun being pushed by my new friend. I give him props for hanging with me on a 90s mountain bike with no suspension and cantilever brakes. I get his name, Luke. We exchange numbers and plan to ride again.

I get home and tell Paige about our new friend. She is as excited as I am. Only 3 days into our adventure and we got our 3 musts, food, beautiful biking trails, and new friends.


4 responses to “Hobart’s Bush Introduction

  1. Love the last two blogs from you guys. All I can say is we all want MORE! More stories, more photos, more impressions…MORE!
    P.S. — Just noticed that you guys now have over a thousand hits! Keep it up.

  2. How fitting to have lamb your first meal. SO HOW WAS THE DINNER? Yeah, the bike stuff is ok but how’s the EATS?

    I ran Race for Cure this a.m. which i did only after i wrote komen a scathing letter about their Planned P’hood ERROR. Yesterday i only had to run 12 miles as I’m in my taper with Portland being on Oct, 7. Back to Race for Cure. I didn’t push it due to NO INJURY before marathon, so did 27.11 but the greatest thing was I never felt any effort or winded. THAT IS WHAT DISTANCE TRAINING DOES FOR YOU.

    I found the Tasmania article in the Smithsonian. I’m going to give the magazine to your mom. I think I sent it to you guys way back. It’s about Tas being the new cultural center for the arts.

    Ride you bikes to the art museums. Love, Carrie

    • OK Carrie, I’ll start including more notes on food. I’m headed to MONA on Wednesday and will give you the full scoop on sex and death.

      You are a champion and I’ll be channeling you as I run up the steep hills of Hobart. Distance training prevents injuries but HILL training makes you stronger. No doubt about it.

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