The Big Dilemma

The Dream Team: (left to right) Uva, Midnight, Creamie and Stella.

Once Carlos and I break the news with friends and colleagues that we are moving to Australia, those who know us well immediately ask about the bikes. “What are you going to do with all your bikes?” This is the big dilemma. Yes we need to worry about finding work, a place to live and making friends. But since the moment we hypothesized about picking up and moving out, we started thinking about the bikes.

Do we ship them? Take them on the plane? Which ones get to go? What if something happens in transit? What if, gasp, we want to buy other bikes in Tasmania? Carlos rocks himself to sleep at night by browsing downhill bike websites.

Ultimately we have decided to take the entire Dream Team (a mountain and road for each of us). If you have suggestions on how best to get four bikes across the globe, please share!


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