Off Track

With a month left before we need to move out of our adorable San Francisco apartment and officially terminate our jobs, I thought now would be a good time to let our friends and family know that Carlos and I are moving to Australia…

Learn more about the plan and how this came to be here. We chose Tasmania because of the supposed bike and food scene. But to be perfectly honest it was a little bit of “spin the globe and see where the finger lands.” That and the fact that Australia grants work-holiday visas without much legwork to anyone under 30 and Carlos’ 31st birthday was in June. So we jumped on it!

I stuck the Tasmanian Devil on the blog header because that’s pretty much the extent of what most people know about Tasmania. He’s a cute but fierce looking nugget, isn’t he? I’m not going to claim I have much more Tassie knowledge but here are a few other interesting tidbits:

  • Tasmania is the southernmost state of Australia and is about the size of Ireland
  • The Tasmanian tiger is extinct (credit: Willem Dafoe in The Hunter)
  • Tasmania was called Van Diemen’s Land until 1856
  • The reputation of Tasmania was something of the Wild Wild West as it was “home” to British and Australian convicts until 1853
  •  Hobart is the capital of Tasmania
  • Weather is a little chilly compared to the rest of Australia. Luckily when we arrive it will be spring!
  • Our travel time from SF to Sydney is something like 18 hours with a stop in Aukland. Then another two hours from Sydney to Hobart. It’s a long ways from home!Here’s a map for reference:


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